A review of the magazine art in america and its contents

Donald Judd, Galvanized Iron 17 January, Like many critics in the s and 60s, Barbara Rose had clearly staked her allegiance to one camp or the other.

A review of the magazine art in america and its contents

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Nikola March 26, 11 Comments While I could write a book on the topic of magazine history I will briefly describe the history of the magazines and tell you some of the most interesting details about them.

Although this is long article it is probably one of the shortest on the topic of the magazine history because I have not mentioned many magazines that left their significant mark in the publishing industry.

Le Mercure Galant was one of the first printed publications. Household Words was an English weekly magazine published in the s by Charles Dickens. It was a literary and philosophical edition and after it was launched several periodicals with very similar topics were published, and were intended for an intellectual audience.

Thematic scope was very narrow, and it was mainly written by one author. It combines topics from court events, theater and literature, and this magazine concept was copied throughout Europe.

Of course, these publications in their beginnings were called periodicals. The name magazine, which comes from the Arabic word which means the warehouse, and was used for describing the place which deposits large quantity of various goods, while the analogy used to describe a book that contained many useful information for travelers and sailors.

The success of the magazine was great, but the costs of every issue were even higher. Printing cost was high, and the number of printed copies could not be greater than one hundred thousand, because it was technically impossible to squeeze a larger amount of paper through the machine.

Distribution was also a big problem because it was difficult to move large quantities of magazines at great distances. First ad pages In the mid 19th century readers were not only the rich ones and magazines become available to the middle class.

This was beginning for the first family magazines, such as, Dickens Household Words. During the 19th century, increasing attempts was made to cut the price of the magazines.

At this time the first ads appeared, but not much because the ads were loaded with special tax, all up to After the repeal of the tax, number of ads did not increase since many publishers avoided this type of income Readers Digest magazine did not publish ads until With technological progress, increased circulation, and increasing use of images, magazines are becoming increasingly attractive to advertisers.

The first advertising agency was established in and from that point on advertising started to flourish. Good Housekeeping is one of the most iconic American magazines, more than a hundred years old. National Geographic Magazine is the most famous scientific magazine, and is one of the oldest in the world, dating from In crazy twenties Henry Luce publishes Time magazine, one of the most important political weeklies.

Rise of the magazines In the early 20th century appears one of the most important icons in the world of publishing, William Randolph Hearst. As the owner of several newspapers across America, he engages in a merciless battle for readers with his mentor, Joseph Pulitzer.

A review of the magazine art in america and its contents

At this moment arises the term yellow journalism, which marks the sensationalist approach to the presentation of events. Although Luce launched Time, he was not a visionary and he did not guide the magazine. He actually stole the idea for the first political weekly from his colleague at Yale, Britton Hadden.

Hadden was responsible for conceiving the concept of the political news magazine, and he as the editor of the Time, formed personality of the magazine, gained loyal readers, and brought the financial profit to the company. The same company will issue several well-known magazines such as Life, Sports Illustrated and Money.

New York Magazine: October 29, Issue

First business magazine, published out of the business section of Time magazine, considered revolutionary because of its print quality.

Life magazine, published since is creditable for the development of photo reportage. Full color print and photo-journalism Hadden has influenced popular culture in such a peculiar way that he changed the patterns of thinking and behavior of people in the 20th century.

Unfortunately, he died very young, aged 30, and his partner Henry Luce continued development of Time magazine, and become the biggest media mogul in the next few decades.

Parallel with the development of Time, Fortune magazine was published, which originated from Time business pages. Fortune was considered the best and most influential American magazine. Besides heavily influenced by the world of business, Fortune is known for being the first high-quality printed magazine, with pages in full color.

Fortune also invented photo-journalism, something that would make Life magazine famous few years later. However, due to increasing costs of printing the Fortune starts to lose money, and in the is redesigned, both in graphics and in journalistic terms, and becomes an ordinary business magazine.

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