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Adarsh parivar essay help

Why is it typical of other countries to tend to have higher family obligations to one another when compared to most American families?

America focuses much attention on independence. Independence is part of what America was made up to be. In order to feel independent people often move off from their hometown and away from their original resting place. This often causes the split in families at early ages such as the typical age of 18 when a child first goes off to college or 4 years later when they move on to get their first job that takes them out of state.

In India they have a list of the five main values a family should follow, 1. Take care of parents in their old age, 3. Respect the Guru or spiritual teacher, 4.

Contribute to society and humankind through selfless service, 5. Pass on cultural, spiritual and ancient heritage to their children. Here it is seen that they are brought up learning this, rehearsing this, and keeping this in mind.

In America parents have a tendency not to teach their children rules like such or they are often forgotten about: However, some American families still do carry these traditions.

Why does Howard make the comparison of a person in the group to a switchboard operator on page bullet 2? Having someone to guide you is one reason why families are important to have, because they lead you down the right path. If one is in a family that is an advocate of drugs, alcohol, and other bad habits it may be a family, but not a good family.

adarsh parivar essay help

She uses an allusion to Apollo to highlight the importance of having the switchboard operator. This wide renowned accomplishment never achieved would be more then just a step back by the entire nation.

This portrays how that unity created something great, much like how a well united family with a leader can have a great experience and achieve great things because a leader helps create this unity.

Furthermore, being a switchboard operator requires a great deal of mechanical knowledge, as operators had to manually process calls. This suggest that the switchboard operator of the family must be patient. They have to do a great deal of work, and be willing to supply the time and effort for this job.

Why does Howard choose to allude to Aristotle in paragraph 4 pg.Adarsh Parivar Essay Writer.

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adarsh parivar essay help

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