Bloods gang essay

There may be disparities in the internal organization of the different sets but basically these sets employ a horizontal organization. This kind of structure gives each gang member the freedom to make independent decision but at the same time recognizing the presence of group leaderships.

Bloods gang essay

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Bloods gang essay

It all began in when the gang that eventually came to establish the Bloods was created. After almost two years of peace however, a feud began between the Piru Street Boys and the Bloods gang essay Crip sets neighboring their territory.

The fued later turned violent as fighting evolved between former allies. They then decided that they were going to terminate peaceful relations with the Crips all together and to do so they turned to other target gangs of the Crips.

They called for a meeting on Piru Street and invited these target gangs. At this meeting the gangs discussed how to combat Crip intimidation along with the creation of a new alliance to counter the Crips. They decided to take on the wearing of an opposite color of the Crips, red, and created a united organization that later became known as the Bloods.

They controlled the gang in its early days when the only territory the Bloods covered was in Southern Los Angeles. Because of this, each set has its own leaders. Omar Portee is also the founder of this set. His reason for creating this set was to protect himself and fellow African Americans that were targets of harsh treatment from the Latin Kings.

Once he left jail however, Omar Portee continued recruiting and strengthening his gang. He ran the streets selling drugs and killing anyone who stepped in his way.

According to the New York Times however Omar Portee was stopped in April of and sentenced to 50 years of prison on account of ten charges. He remains in Federal Prison still today. This man was an influential leader of the West Coast bloods. And if they were not, he made sure that they were punished.

More essays like this:The Bloods are a well-known street gang that was formed in the early ’s in Compton, California. The gang started from a set called the Piru Gang, named after Piru Street in Compton, which formed as a rival to another popular street gang, the Crips/5(1). The home of the new ground breaking webseries about two rival gangs in the wake of a failed gang truce.

There are a lot of gangs that are considered Bloods and a lot of gangs that are Crips. In , there were 75 Blood gangs and Crip gangs active in the Los Angeles County. Of the 75 Blood gangs, 26 of them are located in Los Angeles.3/5(5). Bloods and the Crips; Bloods and the Crips.

10 October Crips and Bloods: Made in America, employs this technique. We will write a custom essay sample on. Bloods and the Crips.

or any similar topic specifically for you Kumasi stated, “we never called ourselves a gang, that was the description the city and the police gave us.

Crips and Bloods Made in America Essay - Part 2. To start with, a vast number of neighborhoods suffer from gradual increase of criminal activities - Crips and Bloods Made in America Essay introduction. Black teenagers still build their own street-based gangs that provoke crime.

Bloods and Crips essay, buy custom Bloods and Crips essay paper cheap, Bloods and Crips essay paper sample, Bloods and Crips essay sample service online. That is the Bloods gang was established with the aim of countering the influence of the Crips gang.

After this conflict, the Pirus called an emergence meeting at Campton's Piru Street.

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