Comparing earthquakes

By using a common rating scale for earthquakes, engineers can predict which earthquakes are going to cause the most violent seismic waves and damage to structures. There are two commonly-used scales to rate earthquakes 1 the Richter Scale and 2 the Mercalli Scale.

Comparing earthquakes

The earthquakes were felt by people over about 1. The earthquake epicenter was in northeast Arkansas. During the earthquake deep cracks in the ground formed and there were many landslides.

Comparing earthquakes

Waves on the Mississippi River Huge waves on the Mississippi River swamped boats and seemed to make the river run upstream.

January 23, earthquake The earthquake epicenter of the second major earthquake was near New Madrid, Missouri on January 23, This was the smallest of the three major earthquakes.

How much economic damage do large earthquakes cause?

Stream banks caved into the rivers and fissures opened up in the ground. Land dropped down forming Reelfoot Lake in Tennessee. Many homes were also destroyed in St. Other quakes in the area According to one eyewitness there were some foreshocks, four large aftershocks and many smaller earthquakes in the region between December 1, to March 1, Find out why these large earthquakes occur.

Find out what causes earthquakes and other fascinating facts about when our planet shakes, rattles, and rolls. The Ring of Fire Science Bookstore covers a wide range of earth science topics. Click here to browse.The Week 1 Lab gives you a chance to work with seismograms, locate an earthquake epicenter, and determine magnitude.

Comparing earthquakes

Finally, the Week 1 Discussion addresses the balance between risks from quakes and costs of preventive measures. ABC Education has + educational games, videos and teaching resources for schools and students.

Free Primary and Secondary resources covering history, . A lesson (possibly 2 lessons) focussing on comparing Haiti and Italy (L'Aquila) earthquakes with focus on a piece of extended writing - Are earthquakes more devastating in low income countries or high income countries?

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Mar 11,  · Today's Japan earthquake was caused by one of the most powerful quakes of the past years. The earthquake, with a magnitude of , was the largest in . The following is a list of earthquake lists, and of top earthquakes by magnitude and fatalities.

Scientists are using artificial intelligence technology to analyzed a database of earthquakes from around the world in an effort to predict where aftershocks might occur.

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