Cone gatherers good vs evil essay

Cone Gatherers - Good vs. Evil Cone Gatherers - Good vs. The novel is set on a country estate in Scotland, during World War II and features two brothers, Calum and Neil, who collect cones for the war effort. The kind hearted Calum is disabled in mind and body and relies on his brother to care for him.

Cone gatherers good vs evil essay

Next Duror Duror is the gamekeeper who falls into despair, insanity and suicide. He is originally a manly figure who has, over the years, become embittered and lacking self-esteem. He married a lovely girl only to see her fall ill and become a gross, obese figure that he cannot bear to touch or talk to.

He transfers his feelings of love and lust to his employer, Lady Runcie-Campbell, and tries to turn her against Calum with some success. As he descends into madness he wants to remove the cause of his hate and murders Calum before killing himself.

As a character he generates some sympathy at first as the reader is shown his slowly disintegrating life. After the deer hunt where he shows his madness for the first time in public, much of the sympathy for his plight is lost and he becomes symbolic of evil trying to destroy the good in the world represented by Calum.

There are Cone gatherers good vs evil essay different reasons suggested by the inspector as to why Duror dislikes the cone gatherers. Contains some violent scenes including gun and knife use. In order to see this content you need to have both Javascript enabled and Flash installed.

Calum tries to save an injured deer, but Duror goes into a frenzy, stabbing the deer repeatedley, which Mr Tulloch interprets as an attack on other people and like Calum or his wife Peggy. Mr Tulloch sees this as the turning point in which he decided to kill Calum.

It is interesting to note the differing viewpoints of Duror and Tulloch. Duror hates him while Mr. Tulloch sees him as brave and empathetic.

The clip includes themes of violence and sexuality, and scenes with firearms and disturbing imagery. Lady Campbell talks about how Duror talked to her - and how this disturbed her.

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Duror saw her as offering him salvation - does this help us to understand his actions? In this clip Wallace is reiterating his interpretation of why Duror killed Calum - that he was trying to cleanse his own twisted hatred of the world through destroying someone ugly.

Detailed character examination Chapter 4 - Duror Duror has started to plot against the cone gatherers. He has been asked to organise a deer drive and comes to see Lady Runcie-Campbell to ask that the cone gatherers act as beaters.

Here we see what Duror is afraid of: Having spent years married to a woman he now feels nothing but contempt for, he is terrified at the prospect of Lady Runcie-Campbell making him feel "shamed" or "inspired".

Lady Runcie-Campbell is above him in the social hierarchy; is kind and generous unlike him ; is full of life; shoulders the burden of responsibility while Duror tries to avoid his responsibilities to Peggy.

Cone gatherers good vs evil essay

Under the circumstances, it is not hard to imagine her being a substitute goddess for him. And there is a faint scent of sexual attraction in his feelings. This scene also tells us much about Lady Runcie-Campbell.

She wears simple yet expensive clothes and jewellery, she has an inner light which inspires people and, most of all, she exudes a sense of justice.

She is a complex character, strong yet pulled by many different influences, but it is obvious that Jenkins wishes us to see her as one of the hopes for society.

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Now when he was going to lie again Throughout the book, he becomes more and more preoccupied with "filth". Of course, Duror is the only one with obscene thoughts, and they come spilling out of him at the end when he reveals his warped mind to Lady Runcie-Campbell.

He has visited the doctor after fainting at the deer drive, and is now walking to the hotel bar for a drink. This is how he really feels — he is a man on the brink, as his physical positioning at the edge of the pier highlights.

The actions which he considers are not only brutal, but final. Furthermore, there is a direct contrast here between his outward appearance and his inner feelings.

Duror appears to realise that he has reached the end. However the fact that he "halted" would suggest that he is unable to end his own suffering.

However, because it is night, he can see nothing below him but darkness. Thus there is no hope for him, no salvation. There is an inherent sadness here, and the realisation that death would be preferable to life is expressed through the use of the word "wish".

The words "struggle" and "cowardly" not only convey weakness within Duror, they further suggest that he is able to reflect upon his own deficiencies. This is a quality which again generates reader sympathy.

Here we see that the disintegration which Duror is experiencing is outwith his control, as he takes himself "by surprise".

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We further realise by this statement that this way of acting has not always been the norm for Duror, he has not always been like this.Cone Gatherers - Dark Side of Humanity.

The Cone Gatherers Essay "The Cone Gatherers" is a novel written by Robin Jenkins. The novel is set on a country estate in Scotland, during World War Two and features two brothers, Calum and Neil who are collecting cones for the war effort.

Cone Gatherers - Good vs.

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Evil ; The Member of . The Cone Gatherers Essay In Robin Jenkins novel “The Cone Gatherers” we follow the malevolent character of Duror who goes through an internal struggle.

Jenkins characterisation is clear to us through literal techniques such as the contrast of good and evil and interesting use of imagery and word-choice.

May 10,  · Cone gatherers quotes + analysis. General. Pupil Work Hall of Fame first book of the bible, where there is a tree of knowledge Good v Evil. Therefore, we know trees can represent both good and evil in Jenkins novel and the forests represent the idyllic setting of the Garden of Eden.

Roderick again knows Duror treats the cone . Cone Gatherers - Good vs. Evil The Cone Gatherers "The Cone Gatherers" is a novel written by Robin Jenkins. The novel is set on a country estate in Scotland, during World War II and features two brothers, Calum and Neil, who collect cones for the war effort.

“The Cone Gatherers” is a novel written by Robin Jenkins. The novel is set on a country estate in Scotland, during World War II and features two brothers, Calum and Neil, who collect cones for the war effort.

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