Cool insects to write about

A little research indicates they are all strange in different ways.

Cool insects to write about

Mother Earth contains many creatures that are just now being discovered by scientists, and not only at the bottom of the ocean. A six-foot long tree lizard and a new African antelope were discovered in the last couple of years.


If you're not a scientist, you may find you have some news to catch up on. Angora Rabbit I'm speechless Source Strigops habroptilus a domesticated variety The Angora Rabbit is the product of hundreds of years of domestic breeding for its wool.

The result looks something like a cat that has touched a power line, a cotton ball with a face, or a sheep that's been through a straightener. There are actually multiple breeds of this rabbit, and they were very popular among French royalty.

I'm curious if Elmer Fudd would want to hunt one of these guys. Check out this site, which takes them very, very seriously. Dumbo Octopus If you lived that deep, you'd look like that too. Source Grimpoteuthis species This little guy can be found really, really deep in the ocean. By deep I mean meters deep.

cool insects to write about

He's not called the Dumbo Octopus because of his intelligence, either. He uses his ears to swim. Why does this guy make the list? Because he's kind of cute, despite being used to swallowing his victims whole.

No need to worry, he's only about 20 centimeters long, full grown. Scientists don't know all that much else about him. Blobfish And you think you've had a bad day Source Psychrolutes marcidus Golly-gee, that's one ugly creature.

What was evolution thinking? You might guess that the blobfish isn't a fast swimmer. It doesn't even have to swim most of the time, as its body tissue is slightly less dense than water, allowing it to float effortlessly just off the bottom of the ocean, waiting for its dinner of microorganisms to float by.

How does it survive not being eaten? By not being tasty.The Entophiles index currently contains over photographs of insects from exotic locations such as Brazil, Ecuador, Hawaii, and Indonesia. Please enjoy bios and pictures of some of the most fascinating and beautiful insects in the world.

There is no doubt; insects have the capability of being the creepiest creatures on the face of this planet. If you think you can handle that, we welcome you to venture into .

1 'Light Bomb' Firing Copepods They are simply everywhere; if an area is too cold, you will have insects that have adapted over time, survived and have developed their own characteristics to live there.
1 Angora Rabbit Share3 Shares 2K Insects represent more than eighty percent of all species.
6 Cool Insects You Can Raise at Home | Mental Floss Monarch Butterflies Raising monarchs is super easy. Check the undersides of the leaves for eggs and tiny caterpillars.

Ladybug is a common type of flying insects that can be easily spotted in our gardens. They are known by many other names as well like ladybird, lady cow, lady beetle, mariquitas and lady fly etc.

Almost everywhere you look, you'll find one — or dozens — of the six-legged critters called insects. A wildly diverse bunch, the class Insecta includes ants, bees, flies, beetles and much more.

25 Cool Obscure Animals. I love animals and have watched more nature documentaries than I can count.


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