Critter sitters entrepreneurial dilemmas essay

Critter sitters promises whether it is at boarding or daycare that we will provide care to our client s dogs as if they were our own pets.

Critter sitters entrepreneurial dilemmas essay

Original run September 9, — December 6, Beetlejuice is an animated television series which ran from September 9, to December 6, on ABC and, later on, on Fox.

The series focus on the life of Goth girl Lydia Deetz and her undead friend Beetlejuice as they explore the Neitherworld, a wacky parallel universe inhabited by monsters, ghosts, ghouls and zombies. Contents Plot Differences between the animated series and live-action film The premise of the animated series was greatly changed from the film, to the point where one only superficially resembled the other.

In the film, Beetlejuice was the antagonist, who ended up nearly marrying a disgusted Lydia; in the series, they are best friends, and Lydia, something of a social misfit in the living world, frequently visits him in the afterlife during her free time.

The Maitlands, the most significant characters in the film, are nowhere to be found in the series. And unlike the mind-numbing bureaucracy that is in the movie, the afterlife was converted into "the Neitherworld", a bizarre and humorous parody of the living world, with the fact of it being the afterlife only rarely mentioned, and the living world was referred to once or twice as "the Outerworld" or as "the Otherworld".

Also in the series the title character is spelled Beetlejuice whereas in the film it is spelled Betelgeuse. Another difference is in the series, the town where the Deetzes lived is called "Peaceful Pines", instead of "Winter River" as it is called in the movie.

Furthermore, there is no mention of the Handbook for the Recently Deceased or the model of the town Adam built. However, Beetlejuice uses two of his lines from the film so often they have become catchphrases. This was done off-screen, with an echoing crunch, usually grossing out Lydia or whoever happened to be at hand.

Episode formula Episodes generally centered on the ghostly con-man Beetlejuice, his best and only true friend Lydia, and their adventures together in both the Neitherworld and the "real world", a fictional New England town called Peaceful Pines "Winter River" in the film. Although he had been seen ogling particularly gorgeous ghouls from time to time.

As in the film, Lydia could summon Beetlejuice out of the Neitherworld or go there herself by calling his name three times, sometimes as part of a set chant: In only a very few episodes is Lydia not present, those being wholly escapades of Beetlejuice in the Neitherworld.

The show was what has been called "bi-modal", meaning that it could be viewed on one level by small children and on a completely different and much more sophisticated level by adults, which made it appealing to a wide range of age groups.

Many episodes, especially towards the end of the run, were manifest parodies of famous films, books, and TV shows. It was also revealed that Beetlejuice is afraid of—and vulnerable to—one thing above all: That was hinted at in a single line of dialog in the movie but was much expanded on in the series.

Sandworms Sandworms are huge purple and green snake-like creatures with two pairs of eyes and stegosaurus-like spines on their backs. Beetlejuice has aired in re-runs on Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network where the movie airedand will air on Warner Bros. The series aired on Teletoon Retro in Canada from fall until June Opening introduction There are three different opening introductions.

The first one aired on ABC with alternate animation, starting with Beetlejuice producing stripes on his clothes. The second one is used on FOX and in syndication, which is the current one they used in the United States, it features newer animation, starting with Beetlejuice escaping from his grave as a corpse.

The third one is used when FOX re-ran Beetlejuice, this one re-edits clips from the second introduction and clips from various episodes. Home video release Warner Bros. Characters Main characters Beetlejuice Beetlejuice - the main and title character of the show.

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Beetlejuice often addressed as just "Beej" or "BJ" by Lydia is able to change shape, transform and conjure objects, teleport, and perform other feats of magic, although his powers can be reduced by various circumstances, such as encounters with Sandworms despite the fact that he has enough power to subdue them with ease or when his head becomes separated from his body.Critter Sitter’s Entrepreneurial Dilemmas - Critter Sitter’s Best Form of Business Organization A sole or individual proprietorship may not be the best form of organization for Critter Sitters because of the unlimited personal liability for the debts that this type of organization incurs .

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Lydia is Beetlejuice's best friend; in the events of the pilot episode, Critter Sitters, both she and Beetlejuice have already known each other for a year, as they are celebrating their first anniversary of friendship.

Critter sitters entrepreneurial dilemmas essay

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