Describing a person essay spm

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Describing a person essay spm

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I'll tell you, it is not someone who teaches something, but someone who inspires the student to give of her best in order to discover what she already knows", this quote by the famous poet from Brazil,PAULO COELHO inspires us to adore the meaning of a teacher in our life. Teacher is a great person for each of us.

Likewise, there are many teachers in my school. Each of them teaches us different subjects. It seems like stars in the midnight sky in student's life.

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Of course, one of the stars is like a diamond dancing brightly, that is like a teacher who I love the most. She is the most pleasing personality that I have ever come across. She is an ideal teacher. She has all those qualities which a good teacher is expected to has.

She always lets her hair free whenever she comes to my class, it looks very natural. She has a small dimple on her oval face, that why I likes to see she smiles at me, Describing a person essay spm smile is very sweet.

She loves the subject that she teaches and has an in-depth knowledge of it too. I never see she opens her book during her teaching. It seems like all the information is in her head, and she deliver the information to my class confidently.

She is a knowledgeable and brilliant person. Her confident in class likes a rope that pull me out of my laziness, slowly I become a hardworking and exuberant towards learning She is a calm and cool teacher I ever have.

I have never seen her frown or lose her temper. She remains calm even when there is a crisis of any kind. For example, I heard that Art class students are very rude and never pay attention to any teacher's in class.

Indeed, many teachers say the same about this particular class. Once, I walk in front of the class going to toilet when I saw most of boy students there were making noisy and ignore her who teaching before them. But, she is as cool as the icy lake in the winter, never get angry and calmly asks students to give attention to her.

She encourages me and friends to come to her desk personally to learn So, I always go to her desk asking for help in my study whenever I have free time.


If, by chance, any student tries to play the fool in her class, she is firm and does not allow that to happen. She is a great combination of kindness and strictness.

She said that homework is very important as to test our effort in understanding a topic that has just been taught in the class. At that time, just only me in my class after my extra Sciences class ended that night.

There is a group of young gangsta from a secondary school nearby who want to disturb my sister. So, I had a fight with them a day before without my parent's knowledge. And, I really have no idea how this gangsta knew my class at that night. Unluckily, they rushed onto me with a knife while I switched off the lamp and ready to walk out of my class.

One of them kicked me on my stomach, while the others began to mocking and laughing at me. I kicked them as my self defend, when the one who holding a knife suddenly rushed towards me.

During that panic situation, I heard a scream of pain of a woman in the dark, while all the guys ran away. At that time I noticed that she appeared from nowhere just to save my life. Without any further delay, I carried her in my arms to her car, and crying praying God will help her.Oct 09,  · Details to ‘liven up’ essay SPM ENGLISH For instance, if you are describing a person, the reader should be able to visualise in his mind’s eye the person you are describing.

If you are describing a place, then the reader should be able to see the place with his very eyes. SPM ESSAY; DESCRIPTIVE ESSAY SPM September (4. Describe Person Essay Sample. If you are looking for words to describe a person you love the most; choosing words that describe his personality, behavior, character, and mind will really make that person feel special.

Describing a person essay spm

You can choose from an ocean of English language adjectives to describe a person. Examples of SPM essay:Descriptive Essay SECTION B: CONTINUOUS WRITING: 50 MARKS. CONTINOUS: ARTICLE: Description on a Person. A Prominent Malaysian Leader. As the fourth and most dynamic Prime Minister of Malaysia, Tun Dr.

Mahathir bin Mohamad will indelible impression on the sands of Malaysia for many years to come. He held the post for Or, describe a person who has influenced your life thus far. “—ington, party of thirty, your tables are ready,” announced the hostess. After being seated at three large white round tables with folding white chairs, the real Clam Bake began.

Oct 09,  · Details to ‘liven up’ essay SPM ENGLISH By JUGDEEP KAUR GILL. Writing a descriptive essay is more challenging than writing a narrative essay. This is because it makes more demands on your ability to use language effectively. Descriptive Essay - How to write a descriptive essay Write about a person who has worked hard to succeed in life.

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