Free throws can win or lose a game

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Free throws can win or lose a game

You can read the whole Playing to Win book free here. This article is an overview of the basics in case you want a shorter version. It's not for people who aren't. For those people who are trying to win, they should make tournament-legal moves that help them win rather than moves that don't.

You wouldn't think that would be even slightly controversial, but somehow it is. Even though playing to win is the most important concept in competitive games, it's also widely misunderstood.

The Scrub Mentality

Let's untangle that now. The Scrub Mentality "Scrub" is not a term I made up. It sounds like kind of a harsh term, but it's the one that was already in common usage in games to describe a certain type of player, and it made more sense to me to explain that rather than to coin a new term.

A scrub is not just a bad player. Everyone needs time to learn a game and get to a point where they know what they're doing. The scrub mentality is to be so shackled by self-imposed handicaps as to never have any hope of being truly good at a game.

You can practice forever, but if you can't get over these common hangups, in a sense you've lost before you even started. You've lost before you even picked which game to play. You aren't playing to win. A scrub would disagree with this though.

Free throws can win or lose a game

They'd say they are trying very hard. A throw is a move that grabs an opponent and damages them even while they're defending against all other kinds of attacks. Throws exist specifically to allow you to damage opponents who block and don't attack.

As far as the game is concerned, throwing is an integral part of the design—it's meant to be there—yet scrubs construct their own set of principles that state they should be totally impervious to all attacks while blocking. Scrubs think of blocking as a kind of magic shield which will protect them indefinitely.

Throwing violates the rules in their heads even though it doesn't violate any actual game rule.

The Cost of Throwing Away Free Throws – The Wages of Wins Journal

A scrub would not throw their opponent 5 times in a row. What if doing so is strategically the sequence of moves that optimize your chances of winning? It's "cheap," though, throwing is cheap. And it's not just throwing, it's also a long list of somewhat arbitrary maneuvers.

Free throws can win or lose a game

If you keep a scrub away from you by zoning them with projectile attacks, you'll probably be called cheap. If you do one move over and over, that's cheap.

Make Every Free Throw - Make Every Free Throw

If you get a lead, then do nothing for 30 seconds so that you can win by time-out, that's cheap. Nearly anything you do that ends up making you win is a prime candidate for being called cheap.How to Win Games from the Free-Throw Line Every basketball player can remember an important game they lost where free-throw shooting cost them the game.

Free-throws are an extremely visible part of an individual’s game, and yet, not many players focus on becoming highly effective free throw shooters? I hope you will choose to as well. You win some, you lose some Two dramatic streaks will define the Dodgers' season -- unless they can pull off something even more memorable in October.

The constant lop-sided foul count against the New Zealand Breakers has been slammed by their rookie coach Kevin Braswell. NZ Breakers coach Kevin Braswell has lost patience with NBL referees.

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The Thunder miss their late free throws and a chance to win against a banged-up Celtics team. Plus, KAT carries the load, Vintage Rondo helps lead the Pels against the Mavs, and everything else.

NBA free throws attempted per game, by team. — Game Design