Mock trial lesson plan

Simpson by Linda Williams. Students will then break into three groups before they watch the film.

Mock trial lesson plan

Something I love to explore in history is perspective. My students latch onto concepts if they hear it from multiple sides. For each topic students would fill out each Instagram post from that perspective. They had to use their notes to determine the perspective of both parties, and then retell the same story from both views.

Which meant that each day they processed the information multiple times.

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Additionally, the Instagram format added some novelty to the assignment. The question of the number of likes led to a way to remind them what year something took place or in the case of the Cherokee, how many walked the Trail of Tears.

When all notes were complete, the real fun began. My students began preparing for a mock-trial using their notes and primary sources. Students would either defend or prosecute Jackson to determine if he should be remembered as a good or bad president.

I broke the process into 3 days of preparation and then 1 day for the trial. As my students worked, I of course ran around the room frantically helping them, but I also knew I need judges. I LOVE to use my administrators in my classroom.

Mock Trial (W and SL). Divide the class into small groups and have them Divide the class into small groups and have them stage a mock trial of the narrator from “The Tell-Tale Heart.”. Digital History>eXplorations>The Puritans>Teacher Resources>Witchraft Lesson Plan. Teacher Resources. Witchcraft Lesson Plan. Introduction/Overview: Students gather research about the Salem Witchcraft Trials and participate in a mock trial. Opening Statement in a Mock Trial. An opening statement is basically an introduction to the nature and facts of a case. Given at the beginning of a trial, an opening statement is an opportunity for lawyers on both sides to give the jury a brief overview of the case, and outline the key evidence that you will present.

I saw this as an opportunity to invite the principal, assistant principals, and the social studies coordinator to get a closer look at my students abilities and knowledge. For administrators not on campus, this was a chance to see a realistic example of our diverse student body.

But this is what happened in half of my classes. My administrators presided over the case, each wearing a wig and robe. My students dressed in their Sunday best and enjoyed using a few briefcases that the school let us borrow for this purpose. My administration is amazing!

I did run into one hang-up. Fifth period came, my smallest class of seven, and my judge was no where in sight. I had sent a sign-up sheet via google docs with the invitation, and my designated administrator was MIA.

I paced back and forth as my students worked on last minute touches. They are both wonderful and intelligent, but they have different strengths.

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About ten minutes went by and still no judge. I had one presenter needing to work on a science fair project in another class, and the other wide-eyed and terrified. I just needed to rip the band-aid off, so to speak. I stepped outside to look down our hallway one last time and spotted one of our assistant superintendents peaking into windows.

I had spoke to him once before, he is both kind and intimidating, but I had a class of kids growing restless and I needed to act.

I introduced him with a look on my face that I saw echoed on the faces of my students — sheer terror. My students presented their cases, and he felt they tied.

Mock trial lesson plan

Just when I thought he would show disapproval, he asked my shy, ELL student to present her case again. He supported her and gave her a few tips before she presented the defense a second time. He applauded them all for their bravery and their abilities to use their knowledge.

In our short discussion afterwards, I found out that he had taught history, and he thanked me for allowing him back in a classroom. He delivered a short lecture to a stunned, silent crowd and left with a smile.

I was brave and any press is good press, right?Alcotest DWI Mock Trial Follow these 3 easy steps. Pay only if you want CLE credits: Step 1 – Get your Lesson Plan (ALWAYS FREE) Download the course lesson plan and your evaluation form. Step 2 – Watch the video (ALWAYS FREE).

The Crucible- Lesson Plan #1 GRADE LEVEL / AGE GROUP 11th grade/ Juniors background on The Salem Witch Trial, and the proper way to read a text that was written to maps, documents, essays, and games (mock trials) to play that all pertain to this significant time period in early American history.

The link to this website is also included. Jul 13,  · The Count of Monte Cristo Mock Trial. Thanks for sharing this amazing lesson. I started a mock trial last year, and it was not a total success — too many loose ends.

Count of Monte Cristo.

The Most Dangerous Murder Trial

I’m planning on eventually turning it into a mock trial, per this amazing lesson plan, but if you’ve read the book, you know: it. Students will simulate a mock trial of President Harry S. Truman in a courtroom setting by taking on the roles of attorneys and witnesses to cooperatively design a case that persuades the .

Author Ryan Holiday discusses his book, Conspiracy, with EconTalk host Russ is a crazy episode about a crazy book about a crazy set of events--the Hulk Hogan lawsuit against the website Gawker, a lawsuit .

The High School Mock Trial Project is administered and funded by the Nebraska State Bar Foundation and supported by hundreds of volunteer lawyers each year.

The Nebraska State Bar Foundation is a nonprofit corporation that was established in

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