My father sanskrit

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My father sanskrit

It is "state" as in condition! So, "How is his condition? Many indian languages use "ic" suffix just like english. However, there are too many common words in Sanskrit and English as both are Indo-European languages and Sanskrit the older one.

Example, Sanskrit to English: The list is endless. Many of the words on this page are not in general use in English. Shall I list them? A cite ref is given http: However i havent found any specific references regarding such other than hearsay at the moment.

So Gurukulam is a false friend. Looks like this one branched off fairly early, since PIE has aks. I think it should be moved to the Tamil page instead. Entry in Tamil page exists, so I removed the entry here.

But its evolved quite a bit, so I'm not sure if it should be included here. This was the "evolution" as I remember it: This is basically correct.

The origin of the Sanskrit word itself is disputed; it might be Tamil or Munda see http: Doesn't it come from the Latin 'navigo' - to sail? But the article even gives a different word for the etymology of navigation: There are only two entries on google; one is a My father sanskrit and the other is a webblog, so nav gatih entries is more popular.

Both are not factually accurate since etymonline even gives the year of the word: Mar de Sin Speak up!

My father sanskrit

There is not a shred of evidence that it has anything to do with Sanskrit. OED gives its etymology: That is a big difference, and at the very least this source does not support a "probable" Sanskrit origin They do have similar Sanskrit counterparts, but are very distantly related.

To say that they are from Sanskrit is factually incorrect, because the etymological sources that actually give the Sanskrit counterparts have then as words from P-I-E and not as anything in the direct etymology of the English word.

I get a feeling of bad linguistic self-esteem desperate attempts to find matches from the whole article. For example, see Online Etymology Dictionary for origins of these words. The source cited for "sister" [3] actually states that the word is of mixed old English and old Norse origin and merely states that it is akin to the Sanskrit cognate, not derived from it.

The source for the other three words [4] is someone's blog and hardly seems like a reliable source. The author of this blog seems to be claiming Sanskrit origins for English words based on similarity alone. For example, the word "brother" is claimed to derive from Sanskrit through Greek!

Aryabhata 's sanskrit word jya was translated, though proximity of sound, into Arabic jiba A bay or a cove in Arabicand ultimately into the Latin word sinus literally meaning a bay or a covefrom which the modern term sine is derived.

The OED etymology is: Proper names are a different matter from common nouns. List of Hindu deities would surely be the proper place to which to move them? Since the list of deities is prohibitively long, actually adding them to this page would turn off a reader who is looking for the common English words, which would then be relatively few and far between.

Also, with the Hindu deity names, there will be pretty much no extra etymology to be explained than what might already be there on the deity Wikipedia pages. And I don't think that I will be able to find the other deities in a normal dictionary. From now on I will concentrate on finding common words like emerald, jackal etc.

Now I'm getting back to work: The place for these names is not in a "List of Engish words", because they are not English words:Jan 26,  · This song is for the beauty of a country: India. And to me it is also a Song for the beauty of the Earth.

As the song says "you are my mother and my father, my friend and my relative, you are. While looking for various Sanskrit names for the word 'father', I was stunned to find that the Hindi and Punjabi name for father 'Baap' comes directly from.

The article lists family terms such as father, mother, brother, and sister as of Sanskrit origin, but most linguists consider these to be of Anglo-Saxon origin deriving from proto-Germanic.

For example, see Online Etymology Dictionary for origins of these words. In an earlier article entitled Father sky in ancient Greek and Sanskrit the word designating the ancient Indo-European deity presiding over of the heavens has been discussed in connection with the very close correspondences between the declension of the word sky in ancient Greek and Sanskrit.

The present article is its parent and discusses the declension of the [ ]. ESSAY ON MY FATHER IN SANSKRIT. Please sende eassy on my Indian flag my father my teacher my library my school my garden.

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