Orientation speech for a level

She has worked as a speech-language pathologist in a wide variety of clinical settings, including intensive and acute care, rehabilitation, extended care hospitals, private practice, and home health care. Introduction The Workbook of Activities for Language and Cognition 6 WALC 6 was developed to provide a comprehensive series of tasks and functional carryover activities allowing for integration of language and cognitive skills for neurologically-impaired adolescents and adults with diverse levels of functioning. The activities in the following sections can be adapted for clients with a variety of functioning skill levels.

Orientation speech for a level

What do you do to target attention skills? Even the Phantom struggles with attention span issues Janelle was my student about a year ago. For this post, here are all the treatment task ideas for working on attention Functional, structured, high-level, low-level.

These are ideas for sustained attention or focus, unless otherwise specified. Please please please, comment and add some of your own!

We would love some more great ideas. Janelle asked all of her student cohorts, and my colleagues, and many others to contribute to a shared spreadsheet, so these are ideas from several different SLPs.

Who can get enough task ideas in their repertoire? By the way, what is attention? The most basic cognitive skill- which is a prerequisite for the other skill areas in many ways.

Attention is generally divided into 5 types: Focused Attention - the ability to respond discretely to specific visual, auditory, and tactile tasks. Sustained Attention - ability to maintain cognitive dedication to a specific, continuous, or repetitive task.

Divided Attention - ability to respond or attend to multiple stimuli at once. Selective Attention - the ability to select and maintain cognitive focus in the presence of internal or external stimuli or distractions. Alternating Attention - involves the mental flexibility for moving between tasks with different cognitive requirements.

Evidence Based Practice suggests that some tasks can not be generalized, and actual real life tasks must be practiced in order to be effective.

AND that compensatory strategies are the most effective use of therapy time. Tasks for targeting Attention skills: Word creation - provide a long word for patient to hold in memory and make smaller words out of a big word App: Myers and Mackisack suggest 2 techniques: Edgeness - requires a rectangular work space with a raised border.

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The patient traces the border with their finger. SLP places colored cubes at various areas within the work space adn instructs the patient to locate adn remove the total number of cubes with the instructions, "Look until you have found them all. Or placing 2 colors of blocks and asking for only one.

Encourage patient to begin tracing boundaries of other work surfaces such as keyboards, books, etc. Bookness - Patient describes a closed book which is placed at midline.

Patient opens the book, traces the perimeter, and again describes what they see.

Orientation speech for a level

Begin with matching tasks a word on the left or right and ask the patient to trace the book between every stimulus item. Over time, increase the number of stimuli, and add foils.

Following multi-step directions Following complex written directions e. Could really do ANY of the attention tasks listed in this post but do them simultaneously Attend to multiple stimuli-- provide a page-length story with instructions to circle all capital letters, cross out commas, and to put a check over the prepositional phrases Sort a deck of cards while listening to spelled words and then stating the word rearrange the letters of scrambled words for increased difficulty Completing a number pattern verbally Math story problem Finding differences; easy to hard levels- attention to details IPad app: Differences Providing navigational directions to another person Focus on Function p.

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Oct 16,  · Speech Therapy Task Ideas for Treating Attention Example of a high-level task: "Flip over the cards one by one, and with each flip, say the color of the objects, then on the next flip, the number of objects, then the shape of the objects.

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Orientation speech for a level
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