P scale descriptors writing a book

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P scale descriptors writing a book


It also happens to be a quickly-growing language with wide adoption among open source projects. Newcomers to Python are often overwhelmed by the wealth of information, available online and in print, for the language.

This edition of the book was published inat basically the perfect time — just as Python 2. The author, David Beazley, is a bit of a Python celebrity. He regularly teaches advanced Python courses from his office in Chicago.

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And he has a clear writing style, honed over years of experience. The book is structured in two parts. It weighs in around pages, and covers all the most important parts of the language in expert detail. It walks through all of the most important standard library modules, and illustrates each with examples.

This section is, honestly, not meant to be read in chapter order. Fluent Python Once you understand the basics of a programming language, your next level of mastery is to understand its idioms and best practices.

This is where the next book, Fluent Python, comes in. This book is a newcomer to the Python scene, and is authored by Luciano Ramalho. It was published in The second half of the book goes into more depth on several topics than any other book on the market: I also found some of the historical discussion included in sidebars to be illuminating.

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This is a book I even recommend to Python old-timers. Python Cookbook I have to admit that I learned Python before many great print books were available for the language. I first learned Python inafter reading Eric S.

In addition to the code recipes themselves, Martelli provided some excellent commentary on why each recipe was necessary, what Python features it leveraged, and how it might be applicable to your own code.

p scale descriptors writing a book

This book was basically my bible as I was developing with Python in the period, when I started to apply Python to real software problems at scale. Byhowever, this book was already over a decade old, and showing its age.

p scale descriptors writing a book

Luckily, none other than the heroic David Beazley decided to team up with Brian K. Jones and revitalize the title to publish a 3rd Edition. It went to press in May This book was re-thought from the 2nd edition from the ground up. Therefore, if you want bonus points, also pick up a used copy of the 2nd edition of this title for historical value!P Scales Tracking English Pocket Book (9 member reviews) A handy pocket book to track learners' progress against the P Scale descriptors for English, including Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing.

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IQ classification tables for current tests. There are a variety of individually administered IQ tests in use in the English-speaking world. Not all report test results as "IQ", but most now report a standard score with a median score level of Writing Level Descriptors in a word doc - from P(i) through to 1A/5(26).

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