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Accenture Accenture Labs has formed a research group that is partnering with 1QBit to explore potential use cases for quantum computing by industry. They have recently publicized some work they are doing with 1QBit and Biogen to apply quantum computing to accelerate drug discovery. Airbus Group Airbus has set up a new research group in Newport, Wales to explore the potential use of quantum computing in aerospace activities.

Report on airbus

Print A 38 North exclusive with analysis by Frank V. The status of the Radiochemical Laboratory—used to separate plutonium from spent fuel rods—remains uncertain, although the associated Thermal Plant has likely continued operations, and a small non-industrial building of an unknown purpose has been newly erected near the cooling tower.

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Construction continues on support facilities throughout other operational areas of Yongbyon, especially at the Experimental Light Water Reactor ELWRwhere the new engineering office building appears externally complete and a small building similar to the one observed at the Radiochemical Laboratory has been erected.

A newly in-filled water channel that includes a newly installed probable weir for controlling water flow now leads to the pump house from the Kuryong River. Figure 1 Determining the operational status of the reactor is particularly difficult at this time.

Although a small water discharge is visible from the cooling water outfall pipe going into the river, that discharge is less than has been observed previously when the reactor was fully operational.

Report on airbus

Additionally, unlike last February, no visible steam is being vented from the generator building that would confirm that the reactor is operating, but we cannot rule out that this is simply due to the time of year and insufficient image resolution.

Figure 2 Figure 1.

Model is a 'cut-away' version that shows - seats, two decks, First Class, Business Class and Economy Class, a separate deck section with hand luggage lockers, access steps and rear bulkhead. Latest news for the travel industry, inside tips and advice on snagging deals. Boeing and Airbus delivered 49 and 38 commercial jets in February , respectively, compared to 51 and 49 deliveries during the same month last year.

Close-up of new cooling water pump house and in-filled water channel. Overview of the 5 MWe reactor. Figure 3 The necessary infrastructure for reactor operations at the ELWR appears externally complete, but there is no visible evidence yet to suggest that operations have begun.

A new small building with a bluish roof has also been erected near the main construction support yard, where only a foundation was previously visible.

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The purpose of this small non-industrial type building is unknown, but the building appears similar to one that is also newly erected at the Radiochemical Laboratory.

The Kuryong River reservoir that provides cooling water for the Yongbyon reactors appears to be at its intended design levels, and the river seems to be flowing through the diversion sluiceway of the reservoir dam at capacity.

Report on airbus

It should also be noted that dredging of the riverbed continues upstream of the reactor area; downriver, other earth movements are ongoing. New engineering office building externally complete and new small building erected at the ELWR.

Nonetheless, the site seems active. A large truck is parked near the spent fuel reception building and two trucks are also visible in the motor pool. Another vehicle is outside the security perimeter wall heading south along the access road.

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A small blue-roofed building has been erected at the location where we had previously noted a new foundation just north of the cooling tower. Figure 5 Although it is not absolutely clear what role these buildings might serve, they are non-industrial in design, and could have some kind of hospitality role for senior officials.

Small blue-roofed building at the Radiochemical Laboratory. But given the lack of other operational indicators at the Radiochemical Laboratory—for instance, it is difficult to discern whether or not there is any smoke rising from the smokestack on this image—it is also unclear what operations are being conducted.Airbus’ backlog record was set in July (7, unfilled orders), thanks to the addition of the A, formerly known as the Bombardier CSeries.

The number of Airbus aircraft to be built and delivered represents a year backlog at the production level. In October, Airbus announced the acquisition of Bombardier's next-generation C Series airliner.

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Now, it looks like Airbus is thinking about renaming its new jet. The Bombardier C Series may soon. By Simon Hradecky, created Monday, Mar 21st Z, last updated Tuesday, Mar 27th Z. A China Southern Airbus A, registration B performing flight CZ from Cheongju (South Korea) to Dalian (China) with 90 people on board, was taxiing for departure in reduced visibility and had been instructed to hold short of runway 24R at taxiway A3 about meters/ .

Airbus is an international pioneer in the aerospace industry. As a part of the Digital Transformation project, Marie focuses on the company’s business and its culture transformation. Latest news for the travel industry, inside tips and advice on snagging deals.

The current company is the product of consolidation in the European aerospace industry tracing back to the formation of the Airbus Industrie GIE consortium in In , the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) NV was established. In addition to other subsidiaries pertaining to security and space activities, EADS owned % of the pre-existing Eurocopter SA, established in.

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