Snowmen at work writing activity for kindergarten

He is still learning to correctly write all the letters so his writing usually consists of drawing a picture and then dictating the story to me and I write it down word for word. We studied space last week and here are some of the things we wrote about. Any of these writing topics would be a fun way to incorporate writing into a space or solar system unit for kindergarten.

Snowmen at work writing activity for kindergarten

Saturday, November 9, I Am Thankful Activities Here is a wonderfully simple activity that I look forward to doing with my class every year. This book is good for so many things.

They say, "The author writes the words. The children noticed the leaves were blowing because they were placed randomly on the page.

They noticed the movement, the excitement, and the emotions just from the illustrations. I have to say that I am so thankful to teach Kindergarten, because it makes me "notice" things, too.

snowmen at work writing activity for kindergarten

On my way home from school today, I really noticed the leaves dancing and twirling in the wind, because I had talked about it with the class. It really made me smile. I hope they noticed them, too. Next, since we have been learning about punctuation marks, we point them out in the text.

This is a great story for noticing quotation marks. We also talk about what it means to be thankful. That is harder for the children to explain than it sounds. The story also uses "grateful," which is another good word to introduce.

We came up with words like happy, pleased, appreciating something although that is a big word, too! I finally came up with being happy with something that means a lot to us. Then, telling someone that you are happy about it, or thanking them for it if it is something someone has done for you or given you.

How does that sound? Then, we start our I Am Thankful book. It is a simple poem to illustrate. We make a hand turkey on the cover under the title. Click on the picture below if you would like a copy. I updated this one to say, "I am" instead of "I'm" since it is yet another way to see those sight words!

I used to do this activity on a sort of scroll. This is a great activity for Writer's Workshop. We have been working on trying to add letters, words, and sentences to our books. We started this activity as a whole group, making the hand turkey cover.

I modeled first page illustrations, and we did that together. I didn't model the Jack-O-Lantern. That is holiday left-overs I finished the rest of the book during our small group center time. I also love sharing, "I'm thankful for all the good things that I see," with the kids.

snowmen at work writing activity for kindergarten

I love hearing and seeing what is special to them. I do have them label what they draw on this page, so we get a little writing in there.


This was one of my favorite self-portraits! I love her illustrations.

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You really do make me so happy. So I was right- that is what thankful means!Snowmen drink hot cocoa, sled, and have of course, a snowball fight. To find out more of what snowmen do after dark, read Snowmen at Night! This is a fun seasonal book to read to the class/5(). Kindergarten Handwriting Practice Activities and Centers My writing center is devoted to handwriting in the beginning of the year.

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This activity will be a great addition to you "Snowmen At Night" Unit. My students enjoyed reading the story and sequencing them together.

This unit includes: Two different template of Snowman At Night Sequencing - Sequencing cards in color and black and white - Snowmen at night story sticks - Story Pocket Chart Cards - Snowmen at night story organizer - Label the parts of a snowman - ".

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