The prop chemical and its relation to the scent and flavor of food

Posted April 25,

The prop chemical and its relation to the scent and flavor of food

Scientists divide people into three categories: Supertasters have a much denser distribution of taste buds than medium and nontasters.

So supertasters experience food as richer and tastier than other people. Instead, supertasters are also drawn to sodium and therefore use more salt. In theory, supertasters may be using more salt to mask the bitter taste of foods.

This increases their risk for a heart attack. The upside for female supertasters is that they often avoid sweet, high fat foods, which makes them less vulnerable to cardiac problems and obesity. Male supertasters, on the other hand, are more likely to be drawn to high fat foods, which increases their risk of obesity.

Nontasters are more likely to try more foods because their taste buds are less discriminating. Supertasters notice the subtle differences in food taste and textures, which makes them good chefs and food critics.

Nontasters experience food as more bland. Place some dark blue food coloring on the tip of your tongue.

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On a piece of paper, punch a standard three ring binder sized hole. Place the paper on your tongue. Count the number of little dots that you see inside the hole.

On average, supertasters have 35, average tasters have between 15 and 35, and non-tasters have less than Or, if you know a biology teacher, ask for a PTC paper. Supertasters have a gene that allows them to taste the bitterness of a chemical called PROP propylthiouracil.

If you place the PTC paper on your tongue and you taste bitterness, you know you are a supertaster. When you are aware of your eating habits and style, you are more in charge of what and how much you eat.

Supertasters, for example, are likely to get into the mindless habit of salting their food before they taste it. If you are aware of this, you can stop this automatic habit by taking a small bite and consciously evaluating it before adding salt.

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The prop chemical and its relation to the scent and flavor of food

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