The top ten academic professional

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The top ten academic professional

This section lists the most recent attendances at annual championship events single decider matches or the final match in a best-of series only by total attendance. It also includes domestic leagues and competitions.

Additionally, it includes the finals of top-level promotion playoffs, in which teams play to determine potential or confirmed promotion to a country's top league level in the next season. It has to be noted that the listed crowd figures are usually a reflection of a championship venue's capacity, as demand for these events is generally so high that any stadium or arena would be filled to capacity.

The method by which championship venue s are determined can indirectly affect the attendance of such a match. In most competitions that use a best-of final series, each individual match typically takes place at one team's home venue.

In the Philippine Basketball Associationa competition in which no team has its own home arena, finals matches including any that can potentially end a series are held at three large venues in or near Metro Manila: In most competitions that have a one-off final, the site is determined well in advance.

Some competitions have a permanent site for their finals. Others determine the final venue anywhere from months to years before the event, such as the NFLwhich determines the host of the Super Bowl more than three years in advance. However, one transnational club event in rugby union whose final attendance is listed in a separate table uses a very different system.

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In Super Rugbythe final is awarded to the finalist that finished higher in the league table during the regular season. Another transnational club event in the same sport, Pro14 originally the Celtic Leagueused the same method to determine the host of its final untilwhen it began to use a predetermined site.

As of the season, all 10 American college sports conferences that sponsor football in the top-level Division I FBS hold season-ending conference championship games in that sport.

Of these leagues, six have a permanent site for their title games and four award hosting rights to the division champion with the better record in conference play with tiebreakers used as needed. For the purposes of this table, "domestic" is defined to include leagues which are historically focused in one country, but may have teams in one or more nearby countries.

Examples of this phenomenon include: Major League Soccerin recent years becoming increasingly accepted as a fifth "major league", currently has 20 U. The Gaelic Athletic Associationwhich governs Gaelic games, is mostly restricted to the island of Ireland, although teams from London and New York City participate in its senior championships.

Two major Australian leagues—the National Rugby League rugby league and A-League association football —have included a team from New Zealand since their inception. The vast majority of the teams competing in rugby league's Super League have been from England.

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Only three teams from outside the country, two from France and one from Wales, have ever competed in the league, and only one of these teams from France currently competes at this level.

Although the Challenge Cup of rugby league currently includes teams from France, Wales, and Canada, and has in the past also had teams from Scotland and Russia, the overwhelming majority of the competing teams are from England.

The English association football pyramid includes several clubs from Wales, although Welsh clubs do not necessarily participate at every level in a given season. The latter club had played in the Premier League since —12, and both clubs played in the Premier League in — The Kontinental Hockey League is headquartered in Moscow and is mostly a Russian league, although as of its most recently completed —18 season it also has teams in Belarus, China, Finland, Kazakhstan, Latvia, and Slovakia.

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The EuroLeague in basketball is transnational in that it includes teams from multiple European countries, but is domestic in the sense of being a championship for the single entity of Europe. This contrasts with leagues such as Super Rugby and Pro14, which operate in multiple countries with more than one team in most Super Rugby or all Pro14 of their participating countries, and also make no pretense of being a championship for a continental-size region.Unfortunately, minorities are kept out of academic jobs at the top levels.

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Equation of Success: Top Ten Responsibilities that Students Must Own Middle-school teacher Heather Wolpert-Gawron says requiring students to take responsibility in their own academic success is an important part of the school reform equation.

The top ten journal titles of this poll, the "DBIO Top 10,"have been announced at the DBIO Annual Business luncheon on June 16th, , during the Centennial Conference in Washington, DC.

The top ten academic professional

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