Zoe berkovic editing services

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Zoe berkovic editing services

Dissertation - Editing and Proofreading Starts from: After all, no matter how professional or good you are at in writing, there will always be mistakes as regards substantive content and technical aspects.

The purpose of editing is to improve the soundness and quality of your writing by adding, deleting or revising sentences or even paragraphs to ensure that the arguments are clear and not ambiguous.

The purpose of proofreading, on the other hand, is to ensure that the paper is free of any grammatical or usage error. Naturally, it is recommended to edit first before you proofread. That is to say, do not immediately edit and proofread it.

Give it a few hours or a day before you proceed so you can look into it with a fresh perspective and spot mistakes faster and easier. Decide if you want to edit and proofread with a computer or have it printed out.

Different people have different preferences, so choose which one works best for you.

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Some writers edit and proofread better with a printed copy because it looks different from the medium in which the document was made. In a way, it is a form of detachment.

Decide, too, if you work best in a quiet or crowded place. Again, to each his own.

zoe berkovic editing services

What works for one will not necessarily work for another. Steps to Follow for Dissertation Editing Dissertation editing requires different levels: As for content, you have to look into all the parts of your dissertation whether they have been completed or not.

Look into your arguments and whether they have all been substantiated with pieces of evidence. Look into all the facts and information you included in the dissertation and whether these are all relevant and necessary to the paper. As for the overall structure, see whether all the facts and information fall under the appropriate part of the dissertation.

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To do this, you will have to know what should be contained in your abstract, introduction, body, and conclusion.

See whether these parts have been chronologically arranged and whether you were able to transition properly from one part to another. As for the clarity, look into your word usage and see if they are the proper terms to use especially if you are using jargons.

Are your arguments or point or do they beat around the bush and confuse the readers? You have to careful scrutinize these items. As for the style, see whether the language and tone you used are consisted and appropriate for the purpose of your dissertation. Lastly, check whether you have properly cited all your primary and secondary sources, and whether you were able to follow the citation style or required or chose to use for your dissertation.

Steps to Follow for Dissertation Proofreading Once you are done editing, you can now proceed to dissertation proofreading. You might need to do this more than once to ensure that you do not miss out on any grammatical or usage error. While you can rely on some grammar checkers online for obvious errors, you might want to support or confirm this by checking it yourself.

Do not rush this process because there may be mistakes that are not glaring. Proofread one sentence and a time and remain focused. To avoid being overwhelmed, you can check one category at a time.

Say, you can start by correcting spelling mistakes, and then proceed to punctuation mistakes, and then your word usage. Once you are done editing and proofreading, you can even ask your family members and friends to review it again for you, in case you missed out on something.

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zoe berkovic editing services

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